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The research unit "Digital Library and Heritage" of Higher Institute of Documentation, University of Manouba, Tunisia,  In partnership with The National University Center for Scientific and Technical Documentation (CNUDST), Tunisia And in the context of Sfax capital of arab culture 2016 Organized The international conference on open access ICOA 2016 « Open Access to scientific publications: Between use and preservation of the digital memory» at Tunisia from 1st to 3 December 2016.

After the first edition of the conference ICOA 2014, organized in Tunis on 27th and 28th of November 2014 with over 150 participants from different countries, this second edition is a good opportunity for an in-depth debate about the contributions, challenges and benefits of OA and to reflect together on the strategies to propel this movement particularly in the developing countries.

This conference will also be part of an important cultural and scientific event at the national and regional levels namely "Sfax capital of Arab culture 2016". It will, thus, create an opportunity for more exchange between researchers coming from various regions as well as for a large number of information specialists from different disciplines. The conference will also allow us to share the outcome of research and feedback on aspects related to the new models of scientific communication and valorization of cultural and scientific heritage.

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